Why LASIK Has Such a High Patient Satisfaction Rate   

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Many people who desire to reduce their dependence on glasses and contact lenses have chosen permanent vision correction through LASIK. The LASIK procedure has a high satisfaction rate and many people who have had it are very happy with their results.

If you’re considering LASIK, continue reading to learn why LASIK has such a high patient satisfaction rate!

You Must Qualify as a Candidate for LASIK   

Before scheduling the LASIK procedure, you must first visit your eye doctor for a consultation and qualify as a candidate. The qualification process ensures that those who get LASIK will have the best opportunity for optimal vision outcomes.

During the consultation, your LASIK surgeon will perform many tests on your eyes. They will also take measurements to determine the length of your eye, the shape and thickness of your cornea, and your glasses prescription.

In order to qualify for the LASIK procedure, your LASIK surgeon will want to make sure your corneas are thick enough. Your corneas need to be thick enough to sustain the creation of a corneal flap during the procedure. 

If your corneas are too thin, your eye doctor may recommend another type of permanent vision correction. If you have any eye infections, your LASIK surgeon will want to treat them until you are completely healed before moving forward with LASIK.

Other health factors that can affect your LASIK candidacy are if you are pregnant or nursing, have an autoimmune condition or have certain systemic health conditions. If you are pregnant, nursing, or planning on becoming pregnant, you’ll need to wait until your hormones have returned to their pre-pregnancy state to qualify for the procedure.

Reliable, Accurate Results 

When a patient decides to have the LASIK procedure, they are given a detailed timeline from start to finish. This timeline dictates what to expect before, during, and after surgery.

The LASIK process is streamlined to ensure the best vision outcomes. With a 96% satisfaction rate, most people who have had LASIK are happy with their results.

LASIK surgeons have honed their craft to produce reliable results that improve many people’s lives. 

Quick Procedure and Easy Recovery 

For those who want permanent vision correction, LASIK can provide results fast. LASIK is an outpatient procedure, meaning no time spent in the hospital room recovering.

The LASIK procedure takes between ten and twenty minutes, and you can go home the same day. Although your doctor may want you to refrain from certain activities for a while, you will be able to resume many of your daily tasks after a few days of rest.

A quick procedure, matched with limited downtime after surgery, is one of the many reasons LASIK has a high satisfaction rate. 

No More Headaches 

One of the most significant motivating factors for those who get LASIK is that they can reduce their dependency on glasses. The reason for the desire to minimize glasses wear can vary from person to person.

Many people experience headaches when wearing glasses due to the arms of their glasses putting pressure on their ears or from ill-fitting nose pads. With LASIK, you can reduce the bothersome symptoms you experience when relying on glasses to see.  

Reduce Dependency on Contact Lenses and Glasses 

LASIK’s high satisfaction rate is also due to the many successful outcomes of the procedure. As previously mentioned, reduced dependency on glasses and contacts is a huge factor in those deciding to have LASIK. 

Many people who have had LASIK and have reported they are happy with their results have been able to experience some freedom from glasses. Those who have LASIK no longer have to struggle to see first thing in the morning or worry about losing their contacts when they’re active.

Many happy, satisfied people have undergone LASIK and are now experiencing life more clearly and vividly. The LASIK procedure’s high satisfaction rate is due to various factors, all of which make LASIK a life-improving decision. 

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