Who Can Develop Dry Eye?

Dry eye disease is a common condition that affects millions of people. While dry eye can affect anyone, certain groups of people may be at a higher risk of experiencing symptoms.  Keep reading to learn more about dry eye, including who is at most risk for experiencing this eye condition! What is Dry Eye? Dry […]

What Are the Pros and Cons of Choosing a Monofocal IOL?

Cataract surgery is one of the most common and successful procedures done today. A key decision in cataract surgery is choosing which type of artificial intraocular lens, also known as IOL, to implant in your eye during the procedure. One option is a monofocal IOL. Keep reading to learn more about monofocal IOLs, including the […]

What Happens After LASIK? Why the Recovery is Totally Worth It

Imagine waking up in the morning and experiencing the world with clear vision, without the hassle of glasses or contact lenses. This dream can become a reality with LASIK, a revolutionary procedure that has transformed the lives of millions by correcting vision problems.  While the thought of undergoing eye surgery might seem daunting, the recovery […]

Can You Get Cataracts in Your Twenties?

Cataracts are a common eye condition that typically affects older adults and can cause numerous bothersome symptoms, including blurry vision. However, like many eye conditions, cataracts can develop earlier in life due to various factors. Keep reading to learn more about cataracts, including whether or not you can get cataracts in your twenties! What Are […]

Can Humidity Help With Dry Eye Symptoms?

Dry eye syndrome can be a bothersome condition, causing discomfort and affecting daily activities. Since dry eye syndrome is technically a lack of moisture in your eyes, you may wonder if being in a humid environment will help improve your symptoms. Keep reading to learn if humidity can help with dry eye syndrome! What is […]