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5 Reasons You Should Consider Laser Eye Surgery in 2024

If you’re tired of reaching for glasses or struggling with contact lenses, you may be considering laser eye surgery. 2024 can be an excellent year to take the leap.  Keep reading to learn the top five reasons you should consider laser vision correction, like LASIK, in the upcoming year! 1. LASIK Technology Has Advanced Today’s […]

What Happens After LASIK? Why the Recovery is Totally Worth It

Imagine waking up in the morning and experiencing the world with clear vision, without the hassle of glasses or contact lenses. This dream can become a reality with LASIK, a revolutionary procedure that has transformed the lives of millions by correcting vision problems.  While the thought of undergoing eye surgery might seem daunting, the recovery […]

Seeing the World Through New Eyes: How Premium IOLs Are Worth It

When undergoing cataract surgery, one of the most important decisions you will face is which intraocular lens, or IOL, to choose to replace your natural lens. Your new IOL can allow you to see the world through new eyes, with greater clarity and freedom. There are many options for IOLs, including premium IOLs, which can […]

Do You Need New Eyeglasses?

Have you had your current pair of glasses for a while? Whether your motivation is fashion, function, or necessity, sometimes a new pair of glasses is warranted. Keep reading to learn if you may need new eyeglasses! 1. Prescription Change  If you’ve noticed that typical tasks are more challenging than usual due to blurry vision, […]

What Causes Blepharitis?

If your eyelids are swollen and inflamed, you may have blepharitis. Blepharitis can also cause your eyelids to feel itchy, and they may even be crusty when you wake up in the morning.  Blepharitis is common among adults and frequently affects the eyelids’ edge. This condition can also occur in children and is typically present […]

Why LASIK Has Such a High Patient Satisfaction Rate   

Many people who desire to reduce their dependence on glasses and contact lenses have chosen permanent vision correction through LASIK. The LASIK procedure has a high satisfaction rate and many people who have had it are very happy with their results. If you’re considering LASIK, continue reading to learn why LASIK has such a high […]

Will Latisse Work For Me?

Do you find yourself envious of others who naturally have thick eyelashes? Have you ever thought to yourself how unfair it is that some people have naturally long, beautiful eyelashes? This may be your first thought on the days when your eyes are irritated from eye makeup, or you don’t have time to apply mascara. […]

6 Signs You May Be A LASIK Candidate

With the growing popularity of LASIK, you may have found yourself wondering if it is right for you. While it’s true that LASIK isn’t for everyone, a majority of people who go in for a consultation end up qualifying. To determine if you qualify for LASIK, you need a professional examination. But, you can assess […]

Are There LASIK Alternatives?

LASIK vision correction is the most popular refractive correction procedure in the world. One of the reasons LASIK is so well known and effective is that it has rigorous candidacy requirements. You must meet all the LASIK criteria to undergo LASIK. These requirements prevent many people from getting LASIK. But, if you cannot undergo LASIK, […]

2 Alternatives to Consider If You Don’t Qualify For LASIK

Are you interested in getting LASIK? Did you know that you have to be a good candidate to get the procedure? For the best possible results, the FDA has certain guidelines and qualifications for LASIK candidates. These help your surgeon make sure that LASIK is the best laser eye surgery for your health, vision, and […]