Do You Need New Eyeglasses?

Have you had your current pair of glasses for a while? Whether your motivation is fashion, function, or necessity, sometimes a new pair of glasses is warranted.

Keep reading to learn if you may need new eyeglasses!

1. Prescription Change 

If you’ve noticed that typical tasks are more challenging than usual due to blurry vision, it may be time for a prescription update. It’s common to need a new glasses prescription every once in a while to ensure your vision is as crisp as possible.

A change in vision could simply mean that you need a new glasses prescription. However, if you notice a drastic change in vision, this may not be normal.

If you notice sudden blurry vision, make sure to schedule an appointment right away with your eye doctor to ensure your vision is not at risk of permanent damage. 

2. Lens Scratches 

Maybe you’ve put your glasses on the table, lens side down, once too often. At first, you may have thought that they were just dirty, but when you hold them up to clean them, you see they’re scratched. 

Scratches on your lens can significantly affect your ability to see clearly through your glasses. Don’t try to look around these imperfections; invest in new pair for the crisp, clear vision you deserve.

3. Broken or Cracked Frame or Missing Pieces

Broken or cracked glasses frames can make them difficult, and maybe even impossible, to wear comfortably. Though these changes may not affect how you see through the lenses, they can make the glasses extremely difficult to wear.

Besides lacking function, a broken pair of glasses may also not be your best look. If your glasses are broken or missing pieces, it’s likely time to get a new pair.

4. Frame No Longer Fits

Sometimes, due to various factors, your glasses frames may fail to fit your face. This can be due to weight change or change in the structure of the frames, among many other reasons.

If the frame of your glasses does not fit your face, they may easily fall off your face, making them difficult to use to achieve vision improvement. Loosely fitting glasses may even fall off and break.

If you are struggling to keep your glasses on your face, it may be time to invest in a new pair.

5. Need a New Look

Besides being extremely functional by allowing you to see the world with crisp, clear vision, glasses can also serve as an accessory. If you are tired of the look provided by your current pair of glasses or if you’re ready to change up your appearance, consider selecting a new pair.

Beware of Expired Prescriptions

Remember, even if you simply want to get a new pair of glasses to change up your look, you can’t get a new set of prescription glasses if your old prescription has expired. You’ll need an eye exam to provide you with an up-to-date prescription. 

Even if your vision hasn’t changed, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor for an exam to obtain a new prescription for any new glasses you order.

Do you want to get a new glasses prescription so you can order a new pair? Schedule an appointment at Mid Ohio Eye Physicians & Surgeons in Columbus, OH, today!