6 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Safe While Active

Young Woman Resting While Jogging

Are you an active person? Do you like to play high-speed sports? Are you worried about getting hit in the eye when you play sports?

Have you ever thought of wearing protective eyewear? Every year, thousands of people get eye injuries while playing sports.

Almost all are easily preventable if they wear protective eyewear. If you’re not wearing protective eyewear, you could scratch your cornea or worse!

Can’t remember ever wearing protective eyewear while playing football, golf, or tennis? You’re taking some serious risks with your eyesight! Keep reading for 6 ways to keep your eyes safe while active!

What is protective eyewear?

Protective eyewear can include goggles, safety glasses, eye guards and safety shields. Eye guards are designed to give the correct protection for a specific activity.

Do I need protective eyewear even if I don’t wear glasses or contacts?

Yes, it is important to protect your eyes while playing sports even if you don’t wear glasses or contacts! Eye injuries can happen to anybody, regardless of how good their sight is.

Do regular glasses, contacts or sunglasses count as protective eyewear?

No, regular glasses, contacts or sunglasses can’t protect you properly. To make them safe, you need to wear protective goggles over them.

Is there a recommended type of eye protection for playing sports?

Professionals suggest ultra-strong polycarbonate lenses for protective eyewear. You should make sure this type of lens is in any sports approved frame or goggles you buy.

Where can I get sports approved eyewear?

Most eye doctors and providers sell approved protective eyewear. Also, some sporting goods stores sell them as well.

When buying eye protection, check that it’s been made with the right materials. The right materials are determined by the American Society for Testing and Materials. These standards are on the package. These markings make it easier to pick the appropriate pair for a specific activity.

Can I still exercise if I have low vision?

Yes, you can still exercise but you need to discuss it with your physician and eye doctor. Certain movements can impact some eye and medical conditions.

Getting a personal trainer can help you learn how to do exercises and make sure they are appropriate. If you work out at home, make sure to have someone else there to guide you through the exercises and check your form.

Also, remember that walking is a great way to exercise but make sure to walk in a safe place, like a mall. Tandem bikes, swimming and bowling are also two great ways to exercise.

Remember that if you’re playing sports, your eyes need protection too! If you’re playing a sport outdoors and don’t need protective eye wear, wear your sunglasses! Eye health is all about smart and safe choices!

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