5 Tips To Remember Before Cataract Surgery

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Are you thinking about having cataract surgery? Are you wondering if there are things you should do to prepare for surgery?

Making the decision to have surgery is not something to take lightly. We understand that it can be overwhelming and cause anxiety.

So congratulations on making the decision to improve your quality of life! We want to make preparing for surgery as easy as possible.

Making sure you feel calm and prepared for surgery is key to a successful procedure. Keep reading for 5 tips to remember before cataract surgery!

1. Ask Questions

When it comes to surgery, your doctor wants you to understand the procedure. You should also understand the recovery process and make sure you are calm.

One of the best ways to ensure you are calm is to ask questions. When you think of a question, make sure to write it down.

You don’t want to forget it! If it feels like your doctor doesn’t want to answer your questions, that’s a red flag. Above all, you need to have a doctor who makes you feel comfortable.

At the very least, they should have no problem answering any questions you have.

2. Schedule Help

You need to rest for 48 hours after you have cataract surgery. You won’t be able to drive yourself home, do chores or complete tasks.

You should ask a family member or friend to help and drive you home. For patients living by themselves, you should ask someone to stay with you while you recover. Being able to relax post-cataract surgery is key.

3. Talk to Peers Who Have Had Cataract Surgery

One of the best ways to relax and prepare for surgery is by talking to friends who have had cataract surgery. Your doctor can tell you what the technical aspects of the procedure and recovery will be like.

What they can’t tell you is the firsthand experience that comes with having the procedure. When you talk to someone who has had cataract surgery, you can learn what the procedure and recovery are like.

This will help you better prepare for the entire process. Also, they will be able to give you advice on questions to ask and different products to have on hand as you recover.

4. Hydrate

Before most procedures, your doctor will recommend that you drink a lot of water. Like LASIK, cataract surgery can give you dry eyes.

One way to reduce the impact of dry eye is to hydrate before the procedure. Drinking a lot of water before surgery will help your eyes stay moist.

But make sure to listen to your doctor. If they tell you not to drink a lot of water before cataract surgery, listen to them!

5. Be Active

A great way to relax before surgery is to be active. This could include, swimming, yoga or any kind of exercise.

Swimming is a great low impact way to exercise and clear your mind. Additionally, yoga is a great way to exercise your body and mind.

Yoga lets you focus on breathing and forget about any anxiety surrounding cataract surgery. Finally, focusing on your breath is a great way to lower your heart rate and keep you calm.

These are ways to help you prepare for surgery and stay calm during the procedure.

Do you feel more prepared for cataract surgery? Schedule a cataract screening at Mid Ohio Eye in Columbus, OH now!

Why live with the symptoms of cataracts when clear vision is only a short procedure away?