What Age Should I Start Watching Out For Cataracts?

Older man reading about cataracts

Are you trying to figure out when you need to start watching out for cataracts? Are you worried that your vision changes could be due to cataracts?

It is important to understand what cataracts are and how they can impact your life. Also, you should know how age can come into play when learning more about cataracts. Keep reading to learn more about what age you should start watching out for cataracts!

What are cataracts?

Cataracts occur when the natural lens of the eye becomes cloudy. This happens when proteins in the lens break down and begin to clump together.

Many patients with cataracts describe it as looking at the world through a cloudy window. Having cataracts can make activities like driving very challenging.

This happens because cataracts make it hard to tell the difference between light and dark. Driving at night with cataracts can be very difficult because you may see halos around lights.

Having cataracts may also make it harder to see details like words on a page, a sewing needle or being able to follow your friends’ facial expressions while having a conversation.

Are cataracts a common diagnosis?

Yes, cataracts are very common as people age. Most adults develop cataracts and will end up with a diagnosis of them. They are most common between ages 40 and 50.

They are so common that about 26 million adults have them. You’re most likely to start developing cataracts around age 40.

Even if you develop cataracts then, you may not realize it. It is important to remember that even though you have cataracts, you do not need to get cataract surgery immediately.

Early on, cataracts are usually small and won’t impact your vision. When you begin to have minor issues with your vision, a new glasses prescription can help.

As cataracts mature, they tend to grow and start creating more vision problems. When this begins to happen, you should consider if it is time to have cataract surgery.

Are your cataracts impacting your life?

When cataracts start making you see things as faded or you have blurry or foggy vision, it may be time to consider surgery. Some patients even experience double vision in one or both eyes and see halos around lights. Reading, sewing or doing any other detail oriented tasks can become harder too.

Are cataracts making it harder to drive?

One of the most common complaints about cataracts is that patients with them say that they see halos around lights while driving at night. They may require stronger light to complete tasks, like driving.

Some patients diagnosed with cataracts fail their driver’s license renewal vision test because they do not have clear vision.

Is it more difficult to enjoy outdoor activities?

When patients have cataracts, they see more glare from lights than normal. Unfortunately, this symptom can make it hard to take part in outdoor activities.

Examples of outdoor activities where this can happen include surfing, skiing, or sailing. Cataracts can make it hard to see different distances, making sports like golf difficult too.

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