Life After LASIK and What To Expect

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Are you thinking about getting LASIK? Do you wonder what life will be like after you have it?

Getting LASIK will change your life. For one thing, you’ll finally achieve visual freedom.

Ever thought about life without glasses or contacts? Imagine your life without them after LASIK! Keep reading to learn more about life after LASIK and what you can expect!

You Don’t Need Glasses or Contacts

One of the most anticipated ways that life changes after LASIK is that most patients don’t need glasses or contacts. You can say goodbye to the days of needing to remember to order contacts.

That means you don’t need to get any solution. It also means you no longer need to deal with putting your fingers in your eyes.

Think about how much time you waste looking for misplaced contacts or glasses you can’t find. These all become memories of the past after LASIK!

Quick Results

Many patients will see the results after LASIK in as little as a few hours. If you don’t see them that quickly, you’ll definitely start experiencing better vision 24 hours after the procedure.

48 hours after LASIK, you can go back to many of your favorite activities. Quick results mean you don’t have to worry about a long recovery time, either!

Improve Your Vision

For many people, LASIK significantly improves their vision. Most patients end up with 20/20 vision or even better post-LASIK.

But no matter the precise result of your vision improvement after LASIK, the majority of patients do not need glasses or contacts.

Participate in More Activities

After having LASIK, patients can enjoy activities that were hard because of contacts or glasses. Needing to wear glasses while playing sports can be difficult and stressful.

You worried about breaking your glasses, buying new ones, or wearing uncomfortable goggles. Sound familiar?

Getting LASIK eliminates these frustrations. Wouldn’t you rather play sports and have fewer worries?

Budget Money Better

After having this life-changing procedure, say goodbye to budgeting for visual aids. While LASIK has an upfront cost, you only have to pay it once.

Think of LASIK as an investment. And if you’re nervous about paying for it, you can always look into financing.

Get Through Allergy Season

If you have allergies and wear contacts, LASIK is the best thing you can do. Contacts and allergies don’t mix.

You have to touch your eyes when you wear contacts to put them in and take them out. Combine that with allergy season and you have a recipe for disaster.

Having LASIK means you won’t need to touch your eyes as much. Hello, getting through allergy season with less irritation!

Enjoy Wearing More Stylish Sunglasses

Consider yourself more style-conscious? You may find that your prescription sunglasses simply don’t fit your look.

But after LASIK, you can buy sunglasses that both fulfill your style and eye health needs. You’ll always need sunglasses, even after LASIK.

You may as well like the sunglasses you wear! Make sure any you buy will protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

Get Ready Faster

Sometimes when you are going out, you are in a rush. You want to be able to apply make-up and get ready on the go without dealing with glasses.

LASIK makes it easier to get ready faster. You’ll no longer need to worry about glasses because you won’t need to wear them and they won’t be in your way. Now, how about a nice, relaxed morning instead of rushing around?

These are a few of the things you can expect after LASIK. If you are excited by this, then imagine what life after LASIK would be like!

Want to change your life? Take our LASIK self-test or Schedule your LASIK consultation at Mid Ohio Eye in Columbus, OH today to achieve visual freedom!